Friday, April 3, 2009

The Christian Right, Fundamentalists, and Global Warming (destruction!)

Sometime back, I watched a very interesting DVD documentary entitled Jesus Camp. The movie mostly dealt with how fundamentalists utilized fear, emotionalism, disinformation, and well, what can I say, religion as the opiate of the masses, to indoctrinate their children in the Religious Right thought patterns. Actually, the entire process was quite frightening.

It's been a bit, but I can still remember one incident from the video where a homeschooling parent was teaching her child that global warming was a bunch of crap that just didn't matter. She told her kid that temperatures were rising less than a fraction of a degree each year, and that could hardly be termed a global warming crisis. The main figure in the DVD (the main indoctrinator in general) appeared to be a woman named Pastor Becky. I would liken what she was doing to psychological child abuse. Be that as it may, for all of the Pastor Beckys and fundie homeschooling mammas out there, here are a few facts that I recently gleaned from an AP article by Randolph Schmid that I would like to share.

It appears that the Arctic sea ice is melting at such a rate that it will be mostly gone in 30 years. Why is that important? The Arctic sea ice acts as a giant "air conditioner" for the planet. It is white and shiny (of course, after all, it's ice!) and as such, it reflects huge amounts of the sun's heat back out of the earth's atmosphere. As it becomes melted, it creates darker water. The water absorbs heat. Now the AC unit has become a space heater-- except the space is the whole planet.

How do we know all of this? Due to the 2005-2008 loss of sea ice, the Arctic air temperature is already nine degrees Fahrenheit above what would be expected. Complex computer models reveal that changes that were already expected by the end of the century are likely to occur much sooner.

The prediction is that summer sea ice will decline from the normal 2.8 million square miles to 620,000 square miles within 30 years. The six lowest minimum records for ice coverage for summer ice have all occurred in the last six years.

The climate is changing. Any scientist worth his/her salt seems to agree that it is a human created phenomenon. Yet, in their religious-blinded arrogance, and perhaps their latent desire to see the world end and Jesus come, along with all of the fatalism that implies, the fundamentalist Religious Right refuses to acknowledges any problem. Further, they consistently stand in the way of those who want to work to, at least, slow down the process. It seems to have passed the tipping point for fixing it.

So, here we are, in the sinking ship. Some of us are bailing water as fast as we can. At the same time, Pastor Becky and the fundie homeschooling mommas of the world are on the the other side of the boat-- filling up buckets and dumping them onto the sinking boat. Strange world, indeed!


  1. Interesting article. I would have thought that fundamentalists would see global warming as part of the apocalypse.

    Chris Brown

  2. You make an excellent point. Although what I have heard from the fundies is mostly anger, belligerence, and denial, what you say is very logical. Maybe we'll get a few more thoughts on this. I'd be interested.


  3. funny, I just had a conversation w. someone about this. I was wondering why they were so mad and adamant that there is no such thing as global warming and that its arrogant for humans to think they have such an impact in the world. I had no idea where this was coming from, but as an ex-fundie, I knew that talking in a rational manner was not an option. I just shut my mouth and left it alone. There is nothing I can say to change his mind if he chooses to ignore the facts.

  4. I also watched 'Jesus Camp' recently. Those ratbags are not far removed from the Hitler Youth.