Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Problem with Fundamentalists and Israel

There is a problem with fundamentalists when it comes to Israel. On the surface, they seem to support all that Israel does without equivocation. The sad part is that it's really all part of the "Israel game." It is the whole "end-times fantasy" that ends with Israel being the focus of all the attentions of the earth (which it certainly is garnering a bunch now), and the "Antichrist" invading Israel. But, even though fundamentalists seem very "pro-Israel," in reality they are quite anti-Semitic. In their scheme all Jews end up as Christians or dead. Point is, in the end, all of the Jews are gone.

It's too bad their interest in Israel is so phony, because Israel really needs some friends just now. Paul Haven of the AP recently wrote of a poll taken in seven European nations. The results were sad. Nearly a third of Europeans think Jews are largely responsible for current financial meltdown. 74% of folk in Spain believed that Jews held too much power over global financial structures. In total, about 40% of those polled felt Jews had too much power in the business world. 44% believed Jews played the "holocaust card" far too much.

On a different note, there is wide anger over Israel's incursion into Gaza. Some Gaza protesters in Europe have began to apply Nazi imagery to ISRAEL. They have equated Israeli troops to German troops and Gaza to Auschwitz. The Star of David has been compared to the Nazi swastika.

Anti-Semitism is old and hard to understand. It is a philosophy of hate. To be completely fair, Israel's actions seem far less than just. And then there are the fundies-- fake friends. Just when Israel could use some real friends to tell her the truth about her own injustice and acts that can appear genocidal to some, the fundamentalists slap Israel on the back and lick their lips in anticipation of the end. Just when Jews need some real defense against growing anti-Semitism, fundamentalists play the "Israel game," not really giving a hoot about Israel but just wanting to hurry Armageddon along. What a mess!

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