Saturday, February 7, 2009

Christian Talk Radio and Health care

The other day, I did something I haven't done in a long, long time:  I listened to a "Christian" radio station.  I found it pretty amazing.  Most of the talk shows and commentaries were aimed at shoring-up the faithful to "hold-on" through the difficult years to come (the Obama Presidency). Never mind the eight years of hell the nation has endured under the Bush regime.   Never mind the tens of thousands of American lives lost and the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives lost dues to W's policies.  Was any of that mentioned?  What about the economic "gift" George left our nation to "enjoy?"  Was that a topic for discussion?  No.  None of that was the topic the day I was listening in.  Nope.  The topic was health care.

The fear was that Obama might actually be able to arrange something resembling universal coverage for all Americans.  The foolishness of it all was overwhelming.

First, the notion that there are tens of millions of uninsured Americans was thoroughly pooh-poohed.  A flat out lie of liberals.  Next, the "Christian" commentators went on-and-on about how this was all a liberal plot to bring in enforced euthanasia.  Really, the bleeding-heart liberals are wolves in sheep's clothes who want to use universal health care to give us a "culture of death."

Odd.  It seems to me that folks so concerned about LIFE would only welcome health care for all. It seems to me that they would work toward that end and become eager participants in the discussion.  Seems to me they would want to help the process move forward.

Fundamentalists seem to me to be among the most confused folks on earth.  They talk about salvation, love, and God non-stop.  What they never seem to really "grab," however, is how mixed-up their rhetoric really is.

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