Saturday, October 11, 2008

TS and Demons

In a recent "Dear Abby," Abby takes up the issue of Tourette Syndrome. It was a bit of a retake for me. I am 52 and have suffered from TS for most of my life (my earliest memories take me back to 5th grade). I think of the woman who came to Jesus for healing after "suffering many things at the hands of doctors." I didn't suffer from doctors. I did, however, suffer at the hands of my fellow fundamentalist. TS results in involuntary movements, jerks, vocalizations, etc. This sounded to church leaders just like a demons. They prayed with me for deliverance more times than I can count. Yet, it never worked. I started feeling a bit, let us say, "God forsaken." Jesus did all of this deliverance stuff in the gospels, why wouldn't it work for me? It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I ran across an Ann Lander's article describing TS. I knew it described me. I discovered it was a neurological disorder-- not little guys in red suits. For all those suffering at the hands of bad religion, my advice is to let the guilt mongers rant on, while you get on with your life without them.

For information on Tourette Syndrome, visit the Tourette Syndrome Association and learn the facts.

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