Thursday, October 9, 2008

So... Am I Right About All of this Stuff?

Reading though the postings on this site has led me to question if I am coming off as more "right" about it all than I really want to. I am concerned that the reader might get the wrong impression. So... let me qualify.

I am completely fallible. I screw-up on a regular basis. I am often opinionated. Still, I know my limitations. My conclusions are only as good as my observations and facts. Beyond that all is opinion. It works like this (for me anyway):

  1. I make observations of my world.
  2. From these observations, I try to distill facts.
  3. If my observations about phenomena or philosophical/religious understandings are flawed, well, so are my facts. Case closed. I am out of commission at that point.
  4. If my observations are correct, my facts might be correct. If so....
  5. Then I form a construct. A construct is based on inferences regarding the facts. If the inferences are wrong, so are the constructs. If my reason is on target my constructs might lead me to form...
  6. Some type of theory, or operational model.
  7. That will likely guide my thinking.
Now, please note, there is a lot of room for error in all of this. So what should you do? Follow the same process. See if we come out similar places. If not, by no means should you take my word for things! Just chalk it up to arrogance, or ignorance, and go "your own way."

Long and short of it? I don't claim to be right. Make up your own mind!

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