Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pat's at it Again!

I noticed in an article from the Virginia-Pilot that Pat Robertson is calling for urgent prayer to prevent any Middle Eastern War (which he view as highly likely) that would result in a nuclear attack on the US. He has even set a time frame for this urgent prayer-- before Election Day. Pat has publicly stated that he believes that Israel will bomb Iran between Nov. 4 and Inauguration Day-- thus triggering a war.

Robertson predicts that Russia will become involved in the ensuing war. The US will not. Still, he fears the US may not be spared nuclear strikes. Robertson predicts that the Middle East will "spin out of control" in 75-150 days. Israel's strikes will start it all off.

What about all of this? Maybe. Things are pretty crazy right now. The US presence in Iraq doesn't help things any. Should we be praying? You bet we should! We had better all pray for peace and justice in the entire region and that the US would quit fueling the "war machine."

But, there's more! According to Stephen Vegh, Pat predicts that God will end it all (at the time of this war, I take it) by "Rain[ing] fire on the islands of the sea and on the invading force coming against Israel." Yes, believe it or not, Pat is prophesying doomsday once again!

How many time have fundamentalists such as LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, and scores of others "figured out" when "the end" is coming? So far there batting average isn't very good. I recall when I became a Christian under the "Hal Lindsey Prophecy Reign." It was "in the air" that Jesus was coming back before the end of 1988. All of the would-be prophets have missed the mark.

Is there a danger here? Yes! Some fundamentalist almost seem to want to help "hurry things along." Instead of asking how they might help bring peace, they look forward to war, destruction, and the rapture. It's the ultimate "cop-out!" Pray? Yes! And the sooner the better!

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