Monday, September 29, 2008

Of Witches and Other Nutty Things

We must be very careful that our lives are not under the influence of witches. They are everywhere. Probably ghost and goblins as well. All of the forces of evil are out there-- just lurking. They are waiting to make their move. And they mean business!

At least that is the message I seem to get from a video clip of Ms. Palin at her church. In this clip (take a look), a "man of God" prays over Ms. Palin and sends those witches packing! Thank heavens! We sure as shootin' don't want to have a VP with a witch problem!

Never mind that no one can produce a bonafide, abracadabra witch. Never mind that it sounds like something out of the pages of Salem Witch Trials. Ah... the Trials. Remember trial by ordeal? They'd dump the suspected witch in the water-- all tied up. If she floated and couldn't be drowned, well, you had a real witch on your hands-- kill her. If she sank, the poor woman was just a chump like the rest of us-- proven innocent, but a bit too late (lots seemed to be innocent, after the fact, of course).

Rather amazing that all of this "hocus pocus" is still around and active in the 21st. century, isn't it? But such is fundamentalism. When faced between a choice of silly ideas and "supposed" Bible references, it seems that reason just goes down the drain. The paranormal has been investigated for years. Except for late night call-in programs, I have yet to see any bonafide evidence of witches, wizzards, little devils, necromancy, or _____ (you can continue the list).

So what's the deal? The Bible says these things are real. And for fundamentalists, if the Bible squares off against reality, reality loses. It almost seems a bit nutty (in the psychiatric sense). But, it's not. Really it's just all a case of mass delusion and religious frenzy. There is a way out. Most adherents will never take it.

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