Monday, September 8, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a Fundamentalist Crazy?

Let me start by saying that the purpose of this blog is not political. In the sidebar, the reader will find my book advertised, along with a podcast interview concerning it on Fascinating Authors and a link for a lengthy book review. If you haven't bought the book you should. It explains much about fundamentalism. It's worth your time. I say this even if you happen to be a fundamentalist. The book, contrary to most books written about fundamentalism, is not really about politics. But, this Sarah Palin thing has me snagged and I do believe that the Republicans are attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of most Americans.

The book fits here. It describes my background as a fundamentalist, and if recent prayers and clips of Sarah's performances in church are any guide to go by, back me up about 30 years, and we could be two theological peas in a pod. I was a fundamentalist Charismatic. Ms. Palin is a pentecostal by history that currently attends a Charismatic church. You know, a bonafide, "tongue talking, get the devil in a headlock, prophesy (you know, "Thus saith the Lord" kind of stuffstuff), cast out demons, the whole nine yards" type of operation.

Beside beliving obvious silly, almost comical things, like God wants a new pipeline in Alaska, all of this means she believes that Israel is the promised land, and the US should back Israel-- even if Israel acts unjustly, that many (maybe most of us) are likely heading for eternal perdition, and that she views (I heard her praying about this one) Iraq as a "holy war" of sorts. Her church sponsored the head honcho of Jews for Jesus as a speaker. He blamed suicide attacks against Israel's Jewish population on their failure to receive Jesus as the messiah (which seems out of keeping with the "Israel-friendly" views of fundies in general).

Is this religious nuttiness (don't take my word for it! Read about it in the Anchorage Daily News) something that we can take a risk on? Can the US really afford to have a fundamentalist crazy as a possible president? Do we want someone to change our misguided war efforts into an all out holy war? If you ask me, these fundamentalist politicians are dangerous-- very dangerous.

Obama's preacher and church got plenty of play in the media. Why isn't this getting any more play than it is? Because the Republicans are indeed playing the "sexist card" and everybody is fairly scared to investigate and report about Governor Palin and her extremist views. But come on! This is serious business, and we are talking about the VP candidate for the oldest first term, would be president our nation has ever seriously considered.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I give the American people more sense than to want this scenario played out in reality. Honestly, she's nutty. "There is no nut like a religious nut," as I heard a weekly news magazine commentator once say. But he was wrong. A religious nut with real POWER is much more dangerous.


  1. I’m a Jewish believer in Jesus. Most blogs and news services have quoted the same one paragraph of the six-page transcript of David Brickner’s message, giving the false impression that he is saying that a bulldozer attack by a deranged Palestinian is God’s judgment on the Jewish people. Please read the entire message for yourself at so that you can see Brickner’s remarks in context.

    Among other things, Brickner says, “My mother always told me, ‘Be careful when you point a finger at somebody else, because there’s some pointing back at you.’ And really, Israel has not cornered the market on unbelief. Israel is an example of what all humanity has been saying to God since the beginning of time, shaking its fists at the heavens and saying, ‘You’ll not rule over us.’ And so all of the controversy that we see swirling in Jerusalem is really a mirror that the world looks in to see the controversy within . . . . It’s the dilemma of the human heart.”

    Brickner is saying that without forgiveness of sins, which he (and I) believe only comes through Jesus’ sacrificial death for us, there will be judgment – not just for Jews, but for all mankind.

    Please take a look at the discussion concerning Mr. Brickner’s message at the Jews for Jesus website,

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. I did indeed look at the links. I do not put much stock by the JfJ web site. After all, these thoughts are written after the fact. Even there, though, I see little respect for Judaism. I did read in full the sermon. I recommend others check out that link as well. Fairness seems to demand it. When I checked it out, it certainly seemed to me as if Brickner was "blaiming" (attributing??) attacks against Jewish citizens of Israel on the failure of Jews to become Christians. I attribute such violence to terrorism and the systemic violence inherent in that region. I don't think God is "zapping" Jewish folks with judgment. I think God is weeping over Jewish folks so cruely attacked AND Palestinians who have been treated unjustly for decades. What I think God desires for Israel and Palestine is peace and not war and death. In short, It seems to me that Mr. Bricker is wrong. Thankfully, though, he probably will never be in much a position of power-- Sarah Palin, on the other hand, just might.