Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Right-wing Faithful are Only Fighting Themselves

In a recent Salon article,"How Conservative Greed and Corruption Destroyed American Politics," Thomas Frank recounts the political shenanigans of the Right since their rise to power some years ago. Frank discusses at length the corruption of such notable right wing demigods as DeLay, Abramoff, Gingrich, Bush, and associated cronies. He points out how their failed policies had bankrupted and wrecked the United States government.

Added to this list, we might include mention of particular legislation. We could go as far back as the Reagan years and move onto Newt's Contract ON America. With that Contract, the Right took deadly aim and hit the target. In the name of "trickle down," and a promise to put an end to "Tax and Spend Democrats," the Right inaugurated the era of the "Cut tax and Spend Republicans." The results have been disastrous.

As Frank recounts, as the government corruption increased, and the Republicans kept "getting caught with their pants down," wealth inside the beltway soared. Yet, this increased wealth was financed by the middle class and the poor. All that trickled=down was misery.

In all of this, the Christian Right was continually duped into thinking that the neo-cons were actually a Sunday School class, concerned with how that might make America more godly, more of a Baptist, fundamentalist nation. They believed it. They helped it happen.

Yet, as the recent past has proven, that was hardly the REAL concern of the political Right. They talk a great Sunday School picnic speech; all the while, however, they line their coffers with the misery of the deluded Christians who support them. No health care-- even as the needs of the poor and the "average" person cry out for relief. Our environment becomes increasingly toxic thanks to the political Right. Yet "anti green" has become a theological position for the likes of the Focus on the Family folks. The economy sucks, while the Right makes speeches about how they will stop gay marriage and restore "family values." The public schools have been all but demolished. Public school teachers, many of them conservative Christians, have been villianized and demoralized. Really, it's all a game-- a trick, smoke and theological mirrors.

And the saddest part of all? The neo-cons have managed to enlist the good church folk, and the "good old boys," and those wrapped in the flag as foot soldiers in this great war for traditional values, lower taxes, and God and Country. But really now, haven't they pulled-off the greatest trick of all. Haven't they really enlisted the foot soldiers in the great battle against the enlisted THEMSELVES?

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